Thursday, October 17, 2013


have you ever read or watched harry potter? if not, there's this guy i would like to call voldy and voldy tears his soul apart and puts those parts into various objects so he can't die. but it fucks him up very bad and he eventually dies in the end. well, talk about a spoiler. sorry. but our point is not that. those objects are called horcruxes, the parts of one's soul. and this particular blog is not actually about a horcrux but it's about a flag. a blue and white flag.

tonight i suddenly got the feeling that this story actually happens in our lives. well at least in mine. not exactly tearing the soul apart but giving a lot of meaning to an object. a lot of memories. and at the times you look at it, you see so much that no one else can know and you remember so much. it becomes a part of you. it holds a part of you. 

but maybe it's stupid to get attached to some writings on some flags, t-shirts, notebooks etc. because that time is gone. like pink floyd would say; "i turned to look but it was gone / i cannot put my finger on it now / the child is grown, the dream is gone" so maybe it's better not to keep them close, just like voldy did, and to be comfortable by just knowing that they exist somewhere and they keep you safe. 

i guess this is the most bullshit thing i've ever written. but well, at least both of them are british. i mean, rowling and waters. 

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