Friday, October 18, 2013


once a man told me that there are three things in this world. i couldn't understand it at the time and i was too young to care. there's no chance that you could guess who this man was and to be honest, it isn't very important at this particular moment that you are wasting reading this. 

years later when i remembered this incident, i was eager to find the meaning. what did he mean? was he talking about the trinity bullshit? he wasn't a religious person as far as i could remember. and where the hell was he anyway? all that i could recall from those racing seconds seemed just like a dream. did i dream our meeting? i remembered shaking his hand and i knew it was real. 

so what were these three things? it was eating my mind bit by bit and starting to turn into an unbearable headache. i was staring at my notebook in front of me. it was one of those "cool" ones. like the ones writers or artists used to capture their ideas when they appeared in their heads. the ones they always carried with them. like small, round cornered. not that i was any of these but i just had it. it was a present as far as i could remember. hard black cover, white pages... and it stroke me at that moment. 

black and white. everything seemed just like that. i never cared to realize it, all these time. why just black and white? why not something in between? why not a third option? why no gray? well, i could put the gray and voila! i would have my three things. 

with this new found piece of mind, and the peace that was flowing into my veins that i was finally able to understand what he meant; i leaned back and took a sip from my glass. i could finally return to not doing or thinking anything at all.

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