Tuesday, November 5, 2013


i was supposed to write this yesterday but circumstance. for the new readers who are not familiar with my old (but not gold) writing style, this one will be a starter for you. so;

yesterday marked the day that i first heard what i've been telling people for many years, from someone else. and she was very good actually, even better than me. i guess years make this difference, and knowledge of course. but even considering all that, she still had the passion. a burning one i must say. she was on fire. the topic you ask? it was religion.

now this one is tender and i'm not going to waste it at a timeless time like this. i actually may never write about it here, i don't know. because if i learned just one thing all these years (except that religion doesn't exist ofc), it is that there's no point in discussing this. even if you spend hours talking about it, in the end everyone returns home walking the same path they came from. well, except some exceptions.

but the thing i wanted to mention is that sometimes i start to have a hope. a hope for what you ask? you ask too many questions tonight but you're right. for this to be understood, some background information on this beautiful country of ours is necessary. i'm writing in english to reach more and more people and the people who read these (at least most of them) don't know much about turkey except it's a chicken-like animal. i'm kidding, they also know that we are terrorists and we ride camels. no-no. i stop joking. what they, you, don't or might not know is the trouble we have. i would like to call him a trouble. imagine a country where you could go to jail just because of calling him a trouble. and this is another huge topic. shit. it's so hard to explain huge things with little talking. new paragraph.

so whatever. what a nice start to a paragraph. good job arda! turkey was a taboo country all along. it's no lie. however; during the last years, and by that i mean the half of my life, this kept getting bigger because of the religion imposing government. and during this time, not just 'fuck but don't talk about it' logic got heavy but talking about religion also became impossible. replace talking with discussing. and come on, everyone could agree that if an individual starts questioning any religion, he/she will stop believing. well, that's not our point for now.

it's so hard not to go deep inside my thoughts on religion now, but lately some voices have started to be heard. it's a fact that this kind of people are afraid to talk. not just here but in many parts of the world. i'm not talking about talking in the daily life but taking a step. for example in the last population counts in the US, it's found that the number of atheists is greater than any lobby. this means there are more atheists than jews, gays and black people. but where? where the fuck are they? have you ever heard something called the atheist lobby? and these are just the people who are not afraid to speak. imagine the real count. they say 99% of turkey is muslim. i say bullshit. i'm sure it's much less.

i'm so out of topic now. and i'm not an atheist if anyone was wondering. i forgot why i even started to write this. can you see why i dissed my old writing style in the beginning? i hope someone actually kept reading until this paragraph. so this woman took a huge step by telling her thoughts in front of many different people. if the trouble was there, he would be troubled. i can imagine the look that would be on his face. but since you don't know her thoughts or mine it's hard for you to understand. god, i really suck at this. this is why we write when we feel like it kids. this is why we don't delay because if you delay, this happens. this post could be a religion by itself; it doesn't explain anything, it makes you confused, it's written by a man (not a god) and you can find 3 different versions of it on the internet. also 3 different versions of those 3 different versions hahaha. well, i just loved that woman and she gave me hope. nietzsche says hope is not good and i say his moustache is not good. kidding, it's awesome. arda out.

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