Saturday, January 18, 2014

your daily prophet

"another sun will shine on us, on another day. another love will find us, while the other one passes away. ano-

oh fuck that crap. you know we're knee-deep in shit.

Friday, January 10, 2014


the city kills you. around 10 in the night, i miss you. where are you? what are you doing? in a concrete jungle, separated by fate which is quite old fashioned if you ask me. but what's not?

shiny buildings reflect from your eyes while you take a sip from whatever's in your glass. you smile, what a lie. do they know who you are, where you wanna be? or are they interested in something else? that special something you think that's moving you, while the city kills you. 

make a wish tonight, while the stars shine bright. but you can't see them right? your eyes've been blinded by all these deceptive lights. 

sometimes i wonder, is there a place to return to? sleep to reality and wake up to a dream. is there a place where i won't die every night? a place to calm my mind. would you like to come along? to a distant somewhere we could belong. 

i ask all these questions and fail to answer any. but i know when i'm gone, i won't leave behind many. and i hope with all my heart that someday you'll break through; so when i'm not around to take your hand, the city can't kill you.