Saturday, February 1, 2014

day 6

there are beautiful things everywhere. beautiful things around us, within our grasp. yet sometimes, we tend to forget. sometimes... most of the time.

lips, eyes, hair... a wonderland. tell me how? how to know when? like that one day up above the sky, right next to a rainbow the wind held your hand, kissed you on your cheeks. you blushed, you looked down. underneath the sky you saw what you didn't want and immediately closed your eyes. then the wind kissed you from your eyes, you smiled.

like that one day beneath the shadow of an old oak tree the grass tickled you. you were softer than silk, so pure. how could i touch you? why did you let me? i wasn't even there, it wasn't me. someone else looked at you through my eyes, someone else did all those bad things.

but why would you believe? how could you... it was just day six, the beginning of a timeless promise.

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