Friday, March 28, 2014

need for speed

this is my first review kind of post, don't worry it contains no spoilers. i just couldn't help myself after seeing the movie, it was amazing. maybe you won't feel the same, maybe it's not your thing, maybe it's because of my mood or maybe it's just because i'm a big fan of the series i don't know but i loved it! if you're going to see it, you should definitely see it on the big screen. you should feel the god damn engine of the mustang! or agera of course.

about the movie, well, there's a lot to say but i don't want to ruin anything. seeing aaron paul after such a short period after breaking bads finale didn't feel weird at all. the guy's a great actor and he embraced the character well. but the main thing i want to mention is however, it's not one of your generic race-action movies. it definitely made me realize what a bullshit the fast and the furious series was. i like f&f, no offense in that, but those movies always missed something. the feeling. being realistic. of course if you're into vin diesel transforming into a car and flying and shooting missiles, that's the place to go.

need for speed made me feel all kinds of emotions in a mere two hour screen time. sadness, anger, laughter, heart-stopping excitement, love... it really had it all. and those povs! i actually don't like last gen 3D hype but nfs was amazingly well done. it really makes you feel like you're hitting 370 km/h in that beast of a mustang. you just can't watch this movie anywhere else but at the theater. also the soundtrack choices were perfect. linkin park - roads untraveled is one of them but if you don't know it already, i don't recommend listening it before seeing the end of the movie.

of course it had it's flaws, it's a movie after all but it didn't have law of physics defying bullshit. well, maybe one. it might be the excitement of having just seen it or something else but take my word: if you happen to see this post (which is highly unlikely), just go and watch it before it closes. and if you are unsatisfied, i'll pay you whatever you paid for it back. really i will, it's so easy these days after all. come on, start the engine already!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the boy with black eyes

today a kid died in turkey. he was hit in the head by a teargas canister 269 days ago while he was out to buy some bread and lived in a coma until this morning. he just died like that, how easy... we can not comprehend this, no matter how hard we try. this is a country like that. i'm not going to write some wise-ass shit or some political stuff. there's too much to be said but also too little. if you wonder, it's everywhere. just type berkin elvan in google and please take a moment to think a little. just a little.