Friday, May 30, 2014

blue sky

needle goes in, blood flows out. euphoria.

all the colors you like, bursts out of my eyes. the world is upside down and it's not turning. the thing inside my chest stopped pounding months ago, now it's just burning.

the spirit leaves the body, flies off to the western shore. lucid. i know i was crazy before but now i'm just stupid.

this is not a god damn poem, i don't know why everything's rhyming. if i knew somethings before, now i wouldn't be writing.

fuck it. stop. all these words i put together, i wish i could put my life together. it's crumbling, rotting in this shit hole. my salvation passed so long ago.

alright. it keeps rhyming. like we used to rhyme so good in some january. even our names rhymed.

the days and hours are just numbers now. all they do is change. don't really mean a thing. it's just sad to wake up everyday and smile to their faces, when you keep missing something.

don't inject cancer in your body and please don't act like a stranger. we know each other more than the sun knows the moon.

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