Monday, May 19, 2014

the chair on the right

all the things we thought we would see... and all those we see instead. why do we choose to miss? why do we choose to be sad, alone?

having people around doesn't mean you're not alone. if you see the eyes you recall from the past in every person's eye you stare at today; you're not there, you're somewhere else. you're alone.

you could roll one, light it up and look up in the sky. that cloud passed from here some hours ago, i saw it too. did it carry something to you? 

i now live a half-life. during the day i sleep with my eyes opened and during the night i'm wide awake with my eyes closed. because i see you every night, almost. in various situations, faces, clothes... i see you with various smiles and various tears. tears i wipe away from your eyes and wake up with in mine.

i told that blonde-haired girl the other night; "you live in the future, i live in the past and we both fuck up the present.". she nodded. i wish i could take your hand, pull you from my past and put you in my future. i don't give a shit if the present is fucked up, it's fucked up anyway.

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