Tuesday, June 24, 2014

a change of seasons

there was once a blossoming land, untouched by no sins. the life was just as it's meant to be and it also rained sometimes. it didn't snow or no lightning stroke the earth. you could be a bird and you could fly free. there was no sign of an apple, nor a snake. it definitely was no heaven, so no adam and eve were there to mess things up. it was much better than that.

there were no houses, there was nothing to claim. when you took a walk for hours, it would end up all the same, yet different. new. there was a constant change for the better and when you felt like lying on the greenest of grasses, the trees were kaleidoscopes. 

so little time in a timeless place. so much love for a loveless heart. when you felt like climbing on a tree, it would remain all the same. and when you felt too tired to go down, the stars were now on the ground. calling you home.

so silently you stood against the wind. and when you became friends, you let it carry you. the clouds were smiling at the sun, they were old friends too. in a reasonless land. bright purple eyes, light shadows. 

no memory of lost and found, nothing to remember where there is nothing to forget. sweet sensations of a sugary bed of roses, pure reflections on a blooming surface. notes of 1/4 to chill the day, moons of honey not honeymoons to play. for it was a land with no such reason, you would soon realize that it was just a change of seasons. 

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