Tuesday, November 4, 2014

does she take it in the ass?

cause we all do sometimes.

this was a common question back in the 90s or whatever. and i'm basing this on the assumption that most countries of the world are as equally sick as turkey.

that's not the point however. now i feel like an author who ran out of ideas and can't produce anything good anymore. well, that might be the case but i haven't ran out of ideas, it's just that time chases my ideas away from me.

i know i promised to complete my story but there were obstacles on the road, and if you know me a little, i suck at avoiding those. anyway, like anyone cared about the beginning of all things to end. i mean, the title kind of gives it all away but i'm not gonna spoil anything for you. maybe i'll complete it after all.

now, about the title of this post. it doesn't necessarily mean anything special. i didn't mean to sound sexist or degrade women or whatever you feminist suckers (pun intended) might call it but there is a girl i see 2-3 times a week and when i accidentally stumbled upon a photo of her, this question came to my mind. not like i wanna know the answer or this might be some twisted reality, i don't even know the girl, but like the feeling when you see a banana and suddenly all you can think of is the dark knight trilogy. you know right? my brain didn't come with a warranty and it wasn't even fully functioning when i took it out of the box.

i would love to say "shady's back bitches!", but he is most certainly not. hope the lab explodes tomorrow.

p.s. i love women, i loathe feminists.

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