Sunday, December 21, 2014


the world fluctuates around me, as the machine keeps making those weird noises. my eyes get dark, as i lose my balance and i've been out of balance for a while.

all this time, i knew it somehow. something somewhere misplaced. too much caring until now, for the things that didn't matter one bit. friendship.

i'll take a pill, to numb me down. as i wake up everyday with that same old frown. he says there's nothing to worry about but i'm not worried about that at all. i'm worried that i'll never reach that door, i'm worried that i'll never make it through.

i won't care for you. i won't. i won't grow old in the place that damaged me this much and i most certainly won't die there.

my brain is damaged. now it comes with a cd to prove it.

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