Friday, February 20, 2015


i believe i'm a magnet of stupidity. i'll go one step further and say i attract stupid like positive attracts negative. well, all in all these are all conspiracies.

brain and love are different things but in our everlasting quest, i believe that religion has a better probability of existence than love. i believe that so much that i wish i was a bottle of cheap wine which is sold for 13,90 try and some idiot would mix me with coke just before those lonely minutes of puking inside a toilet that smells like diarrhea.

i sometimes think that my life is a movie, which i'll get to see when i die with all the people i've known all my life watching it beside me. i'm sure they will be like "what the fuck?" take now for example: who in their right mind sits in a darkened room all by himself on a friday night writing this shit of nonsense? did you guess the answer? well, if you did, i'm sorry but you aren't a genius.

i seldom wish that i could invite all the people who are close to me to a conference call and say: "fuck you." not even an exclamation mark, just a period. like a bloody, smelly period.

i want to rip my heart out and throw it inside a bucket of  ice-cold water, then put it back in. oh the relief! that's the real ice bucket challenge you fuckfaces. :*

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