Friday, July 31, 2015

honor thy father

hello blog. it's been a fucking while. it's good to see some people are still reading even though there wasn't anything new to read for the past 5 months.

maybe you noticed that my homepage is gone. it's gone because i decided not to pay for it anymore, the money they asked for it was ridiculous. however, i still have the domain. domain is a funny word.

the title speaks of a song by dream theater. mike portnoy wrote it for his step-father. apparently he treated little mikey bad and he wanted to get back at him. somebody's been treating little arda badly as well but i'm not gonna go as far as the lyrics of that song.

bla bla bleh bluh i'm talking nonsense again. i wish my uni would just let me graduate saying: "thank's for the effort, it's been 5 years you don't have to come here anymore." in a dream world it would be cool but graduating from the uni is not a dream for me, it's a fucking obligation. and you know what? i have a terrible history with obligations.

you can't tell me what i can or cannot do you fuckface. and don't even think about should or shouldn't. you can't tell anyone anything. you also sure as fuck can't tell kanye nothing. so suck it.

fucking judgmental people. they are everywhere. don't they have a life? other than messing with other people's shit? an individual shouldn't be tied to anything. not a woman, a man, a father, a sister, a brother. not to a friend as well. mothers could be optional because in the end we all came from inside of them. that says something. i mean unless you carry a fucker inside you for 9 months, you have no right to say anything. and maybe you can't even if you did.

i'm gonna let you get out of my head because it's cloudy as always. BUT WITHOUT TREES. i wish french horns could grow flowers when u blew inside of them. things would be a lot easier. later dudes and dudettes.

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