Thursday, August 4, 2016


"how is it like to feel alone?" he asked. "i never feel alone." i replied. 

it was dark but i could feel him looking at me. he said; "but you're alone now."

he was waiting for an answer. 

"i know." i said. 

"so how does it feel?"

"i like being alone." i murmured. by that time, i had already lost the count of how many times i said that. "is that so?" he asked and i said "yes." as if i was telling him the sky was blue. 

"you always say that but i'm sure deep inside you know it's not true." 

i raised my eyebrows as i felt terribly uncomfortable. was he right? could it be true? he would know. he knew everything. i never questioned his judgement but he always questioned mine. 

"i think it's time for you to go." i whispered silently and as i stopped talking, i could feel that he was no longer here. then a soft wind touched the back of my neck, as it sent the chills down my spine and i heard:

"but you know i always am."