Monday, July 3, 2017


hit the delete button. as if the dysfunctional brain had one. delete all the promises as well. as if the dysfunctional heart could keep them.

so many dead birds, lying on the grass. did our love kill them? did it kill itself as well?

are we murderers?

we are worse i guess. the word "we" becomes more selfish than the word "me", as we drown in our stupidity. 

could this inferno make me sweat enough to deprive me of my loneliness?

inhaling the green with random strangers, on random hills. pretty much sums it up. every night a different story, but the same promises. promises that feed on despair. promises all end up in disappointment.

1050 days weren't enough to get to know you. 1 was enough. i guess i was the stupid one after all. funny.

man, what a clusterfuck this is. liar.

my love was pure, and purely coincidental. like every other one i guess. but when the promises start equaling the lies... have i already said clusterfuck?

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